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A full service commercial and residential roofing company serving all of the areas from South to Central Florida.


Florida’s Professional Roofing Services

When your home or business needs roofing repairs, Habitat Group Inc. has extensive hands-on experience, comprehensive training, and industry certifications and accreditation that brings a high level of experience.

For over 20 years, we have delivered best-in-class inspections, repairs, renovations, and more, all at Florida’s most competitive prices

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Fort Myers Roofing Repair Services

We provide roofing services for areas from Cental to South, Florida

Emergency Roofing Repairs

Many roofing companies offer versions of roofing repair services that seem to fall short. If you have ever had a tree or large branch fall on your roof, you understand the importance of receiving help quickly. Save our number. Proper preparation is absolutely critical if you are ever in an emergency situation, and our estimate is always free.

Roofing Ventilation

Notwithstanding the shingles on your roof, the ventilation system is the most critical component. It removes the hot air from your attic which extends the life of your shingles dramatically and decreases the cost of your energy bills immediately. Having ventilation installed will very likely pay for itself in a short amount of time. I speak from firsthand experience on the cons of not having adequate ventilation; After installing ridge vents on my own home, I realized that there was a dramatic difference I could see and feel that very same day.

Roofing Maintenance

In many instances, 5-10 years of life may be added to your roof with just routine maintenance and minor repairs. Some roofing companies would rather sell you a new roof and exclude repair options that could save money and add years to your home or business. Roofing repairs is harder work for less money. We find that there is a personal satisfaction that comes with helping families resolve roofing issues. Many times these roofing issues can indicate other long term problems such as termites, rotting wood, ceiling stains and musty odors, just to name a few.